Now that the weather is heating up and we’re starting to see more and more of these 20+ degree days -we’re soon going to be experiencing the dog days of summer 🙂
There are a ton of ways to keep dogs cool – some obvious, some fun, some innovative…. But no matter how you do it, it is an absolute must to make sure your dog is safe in the heat.
We incorporate pretty much all of these methods in our dog walking/dog daycare/dog boarding services – but now you can try them at home this summer!





This is an obvious one – but will always be #1 on the list. Keep the water dish full and cool. A great thing you can do is throw a bunch of ice cubes in the dish as well. They’ll keep the water cold and melt as they drink and turn into more cold water. Dogs also love playing with the cubes; bouncing them in the water dish LOL.
You can also bring a frozen/half frozen bottle of water with you on walks (depending on how long you’ll be out for) to ensure they have cool water to drink, or to splash on their necks while you’re outside.





This is a great trick that we love to use. You just throw your regular treats into the freezer and it turns them into a cool treat (effectiveness varies based on the kinds of treats you use). You can also create your own frozen treats as well – super easy! Put your dog’s favorite foods into ice cube trays, fill in with water or salt free broth and freeze! Or try stuffing your dog’s favorite Kong as usual and then throwing it in the freezer so it’s ready to go on a hot day!
Do they love to gnaw on a carrot stick? Try it frozen! Play around with this one – the sky’s the limit; fruit, pumpkin, peanut butter – you can even make a giant cube with all sorts of surprised in it! If they like it roll with it and have fun : )





A good thing to remember is dog’s cool from the bottom up – so if you can keep their paws cool, their belly/chest cool, it’s a lot more important than keeping their backs cool as a rule. For those REALLY hot days where they can barely walk on the hot asphalt – throw on a pair of chilled neoprene booties. This is hilarious – but might be the only option if you’ve got no grass to speak of around your condo and can’t find a shaded sidewalk.
What we love to do is soak bandanas in water and freeze them. You pre-tie them so they hold the shape of the neck and then as they melt they drip cool water onto your dog’s chest – keeping their core cool as you go.




A dog needs a few spots around their home/play area that they can go to cool down quickly. They may dig a hole in a shady spot in your backyard – or if you have a backyard, a shallow kiddie pool or a wet towel(s) on a crate tray can be a quick way for them to wet their tummies. A sprinkler is a must have as well.
Don’t have a backyard? You can put a hood on your floor vent register while your AC is on and create a very cool spot on your tile/wood/hard floor (see pic for example of a “Register Hood”).
No AC? Set up a fan in front of a pan of ice!





This is SO important for dog owners AND dog walkers. For dog owners – leave your car running with the AC on if you must get out for a second.
For dog walkers, the standard vehicle AC might be good enough for a car full of dogs, but big vans full of dogs with just standard factory AC will NEVER be the same temp in the back as they are in the front. They are not fully temperature controlled. They also lose a ton of cooling efficiency if they have windows.
Laws are becoming harsher on this because there have been so many accidents so remember: Cracking the windows is NOT a way to keep dogs cool when it is hot outside! Always park in the shade!