Cancellation Policy


Grooming services are offered by appointment only.
A credit card number is required to secure your appointment. If you do not have a credit card on file, payment will be required on pick up, before you take your dog home.
All cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to your scheduled service. Any cancellations made less than 24 hours prior will be subject to a 50% last minute cancellation fee.
In the case of multiple last minute/same day cancellations, pre-payment will be required.


Payment Policy


A valid credit card is required for booking all appointments.
Full payment is due on pick up.
For regular clients of Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. who receive regular bi-weekly automatic billing, grooming services may be added to your regular invoice.


Dog Behaviour & Safety Policy


For the safety of all our dogs and our staff, we cannot provide services to any vicious or aggressive animals. We reserve the right to refuse service in each individual case.
If an animal becomes upset during the grooming treatment we may skip a specific treatment that may be causing ample stress or discomfort. This may entail taking a time out and then resuming treatment or skipping it all together.


Disclosure Policy


Prior to starting services, we must be advised of any allergies your animal may have.
We must also be fully informed of any pre-existing conditions; medical or otherwise, that may be pertinent to the grooming process. This includes any negative past grooming experiences your animal may have experienced.


De-Matting Policy


Mats often occur in areas of friction, such as under the collar, behind the ears, in the armpits, or on the lower legs where the legs rub together.
The process of removing mats can be laborious, and a dog can put up with only so much. In the case of excessive matting it can be a very painful experience for your pet. As such, we assess each individual animal and will provide options for you. If a mat cannot be removed safely, or without causing excessive pain/stress, the hair will have to be cut off.
The length of the hair will fully depend on the amount of hair between the animal’s skin at the mat itself. Usually mats are located very close to the skin, which results in a very short haircut, and possibly even a full shave down.
As a policy, we will not leave this kind of matting intact through a groomimg treatment. If an owner requests that we leave this kind of matting intact, this animal will not be a candidate for grooming in our facility.


Sedation & Medication


Our service is completely drug free. Although sedation has its place, due to the risks to each individual dog, we believe a sedation free salon is best for everyone.
We carry our own premium shampoo products which are appropriate for most pets. Sometimes a veterinarian will prescribe a product for a specific health condition. We would be happy to use veterinary prescribed products if you provide them for us.