"I have been a dog owner and lover as long as I can remember and have a special affinity with animals of all kinds."

Hello Dog Mommas & Poppas!

I have been a dog owner and lover for my whole life and have a special affinity with animals of all kinds. I was the kid who picked up leaves off the ground, thought they were alive, named them and took them home with me. As pets I have had fish, hamsters & chinchillas, rats & mice, lizards, cats, dogs and now I even have a parrot… named “Doggy” LOL


I have been walking dogs professionally since 2008, but was involved in fostering/the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs for many years prior. Over that time I learned to handle dogs that were dealing with all sorts of issues; from just not having a home, to extreme fear/aggression. I believe that every dog deserves a chance to have a good home, a safe environment and an owner that will take the time to understand them and give them the kind of care and support they need.

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With my pack I try to engage them both mentally and physically. I never stand around when we’re at the park and I try to continuously keep my pack moving with me; running, chasing balls or practicing skills. My pack mates and I spend so much time together both here in the city and out in the country at the Dog Ranch. We play, cuddle, eat, sleep, learn and bond in a variety of different ways. THIS is why I do what I do and why there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be.

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I believe that it’s never too late to get your dog out with a pack! Young or old, shy or outgoing, they all take something special away from the group socialization. Dogs are pack animals pure and simple and, much like humans, they need get out and experience life. It’s so good for the soul.

I would love to meet you and your dog and welcome you into our pack family.

Ally & The Pack xoxo