We are excited to announce that we are opening our new flagship location at 39 Commissioners Street this July!!! We have taken all of our experience with our dog packs and after a lot of research and testing out this thing and that thing we have chosen all the features that we have always wanted to have and put them all into our new headquarters!


After a year of research this floor won out hands down for SO many reasons! We used to use rubber flooring that is so popular in doggy daycares and workout gyms but we got the first hand experience of why rubber is not the ideal material to use. It is so porous!!! Pee/poo bacteria seeps into it no matter how fast you attend to it or how hard you scrub it – we actually tested this!
What’s more, it comes in tiles (some are huge but they are still tiles) that have seams and that is where stuff gets really deep into the floor. So we started from scratch and investigated what would be best for durability but is also easy on the paws and something that we can really sanitize and poured epoxy stood out high above the rest!

So what makes it the best?

  • – It is a solid sealed layer. There are no seams whatsoever. Bacteria cannot penetrate this material. Period.
  • – It has been custom mixed for us with a “mop-able grip” so that it isn’t slippery when wet but it can still be mopped thoroughly without getting caught in the ‘grit’ of a traditional non slip surface.
  • – It has ROUNDED edges where it meets the wall (like in a hospital) so there’s no grime, hair and bacteria can get pushed into the corners/edges.
  • – We have extended the epoxy 4 feet up the walls as well so that it protects the whole area that the dogs come in contact with and keeps it clean!
  • – It’s beautiful – function is the priority when working with dogs of course, but it sure looks great!!!


    Improving indoor air quality starts with minimizing pollutant sources such as cigarette smoke or dust and pet dander We test how well a room air purifier removes dust and smoke from an enclosed space, how it performs at high and low speeds, and how it performs on really wet damp days and we were thrilled with the results!

    Some of the great features of having a professional grade built in Hepa filtration HVAC system:

  • – The first stages of the filters capture large dirt, hair and dust particles.
  • – HEPA filter captures nearly all remaining particles and germs; including the most pesky pet dander!
  • – Dirt, dust and hair does not get blown around the room as would happen with a portable air purification system.
  • – Specialized charcoal/carbon filters removes odors and chemical vapors.
  • – A fully integrated system to works throughout the whole building, not just in the immediate area of a wall mounted unit.


    Both the main and top floor both have fantastic big bright open space playrooms with access to the outdoor dog run. In addition to the main spaces, there is a separate space for the Teenie Weenies to play, as well as a completely separate area for feeding so our boarding routine will never interrupt the space in our main active areas. Even our outdoor space can be broken into zones if we want to to create separate spaces for all the different kinds of dogs that are staying and playing with us.
    It is important to be able to change the space to suit the pack that is there that day – no two days are ever the same when it comes to dogs! Some small dogs are shy, some big dogs are shy, sometimes there are way more big dogs than small and vice versa. With multiple playrooms we can always ensure that dogs are spending their days with other dogs that they are comfortable with and that are on the same level as they are; in both size, age AND energy level.


    These are a must have with a free run dog pack. They drink so much water and staying hydrated is SO important amidst all that play! These troughs are real, honest to goodness farm style water feeders but with an urban twist. Low profile for easy cleaning and easy access to our shorties as well. The water turns over continuously – as it gets lapped up, the cool fresh water flows back in.


    The outdoor space is the true attraction to this space for us – we LOVE to be outside with the pack!!! The land wraps all the way around the back and the sides of the building. We’ve said so long to the “backyard style” outdoor area and hello to a real amount of space that allows our pack to stretch their legs and run free!


    One half of our outdoor space is an activity focused Doggy Deck where we have set up our fun climbers, hidey holes and surround seating with shaded areas for quick pit stops throughout the play day. We also have a big Doggy Deck out at our Country Dog Ranch and the dogs love to run up and down, on and off it all the time!
    The other half is covered in Rubber Mulch. We did a lot of research on this product and it won hands down. Pebbles, sand and wood chips are way cheaper but they come with a host of other problems when it comes to comfort on dog paws, drainability, cleanliness and purity.

    Some of the great features of this specific kind of rubber mulch are:

  • – The only 100% non-tire rubber mulch available that is manufactured from non-toxic, sterile and latex-free rubber tiles originally produced for schools.
  • – It contains NO harmful volatile organic compounds like common rubber flooring does (they create that ‘rubber smell’). It is completely non – toxic. You may not lick/eat the floor at your gym – but dogs may swallow a piece here and there so it’s important for it to be totally safe to ingest and that it will come right out the other side!
  • – The rubber is vulcanized for a long-lasting and durable substrate that won’t break down, tear or leech color (the colors are the natural colors of the rubber).
  • – It is the safest product of its kind on the market and is rated for use on playgrounds. It has the best test data in the industry, including head impact (it is soft and flexible) and it is ADA Approved.


    These are the absolute best. We have had every kind of set up under the sun for our dogs to snuggle up on. We’ve tried couches, mattresses, dog beds, pillows, blankets, outdoor canvas cushions, foam pads, futons, and on and on. It always came down to the same thing – you can’t really wash any of these things and achieve true sterilization. There will always be bacteria and odor left behind/inside no matter what you do.
    That is no longer the case. We have completely switched over to Mesh Dog Cots only and it is absolutely fantastic. We use ones with durable but soft mesh for comfort. They are raised off the floor so they stay more clean – but the biggest feature of all is that we can spray them down and scrub them top to bottom! There is no other dog bed that you can do this with and it is so important that our dog pack have clean spaces to rest, nap and sleep overnight.
    They come in all different sizes; small medium large and some are made for 2 (aww). They are super light weight so we can lift the majority of them up off the floor and hang them on the walls during the day to ensure that they aren’t getting covered in hair/dirt all day long and we can bring them down as we need them. End of the day we can put out the clean ones and clean the used ones completely and we can


    We have designed custom stalls that we can use for feeding during the day and private sleep areas at night. We always give each dog a private space to eat so they are never worried about another dog stealing their food and they can feel comfortable to take their time and eat at their normal pace. These stalls are 20 sqft so at night there is ample space for those of our pack mates who require their own private separate space. We bring in our lightweight comfy dog cots at bedtime so they can have all the comforts of the main room with the privacy and security of their own bedroom.


    Off one of our main spaces you will find the Little Lounge – made especially for the itty bitty committee so they can hang out, play the day away and snooze in a secure comfortable space where they are all the same size. At night we set up this room for our littlest pack mates to have their own special sleeping space. There are even private accommodations built right into the space so the little guys that require privacy will still get to stay in the same area as their other little buddies – not with the big guys.


    We’ve installed a cam in each of our playrooms, as well as outside on our Doggy Deck and in the Dog Run so that you can see your dog in action whenever you like! Each parent is given a password that they can log in and check out what’s happening – but for safety and privacy the feed isn’t open to outsiders who just want to scope out dogs and pack leaders.