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We are Fully Insured and Bonded with top tier Verge Pet Sitting Insurance, are SPCA Approved, are Members of Pet Sitters International, have well over 100 client reviews online, and provide exclusive access to the largest Private Dog Forest in Downtown Toronto, as well as the largest and most secure Customized Dog Buses on the road!
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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop & What to do About It

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We have a dog in our pack right now is voracious about eating poop.   Given the chance he would run around and eat every piece the minute it hits the ground – gross right!?!   This isn’t the first time we’ve dealt with this and it certainly won’t be the last. I have been asked before why dogs eat poop and what can be done to curb the habit.   I thought I’d write a bit on the topic because there are so many reasons/possible causes and some of them might be a warning that something else is going on with your dog’s health – so it’s important to pay attention to this if it’s happening with your dog!     Let’s start with the medical reasons a dog might eat poop:   1. Enzyme Deficiency 2. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) 3. Parasites 4. Any Condition that Causes an …

How to Assess Your Dog’s True Ideal Body Weight

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It’s the time of year where a lot of dog owners are heading to the groomer and getting the old “Spring Shave Down” done on their pooches. Around this time every year I get asked this question quite a bit more than normal: “Do you think my dog is fat?” I think it’s because once all the hair is gone and an owner gets a glimpse of their pup’s true figure underneath, they’re not sure if it looked the same as last year, if it’s larger, or just right.   In fact, judging weight is one of those things that has become so subjective that it’s difficult to know where your dog stands in the range from underweight to overweight unless they are very far on one end of the scale or the other.   Good thing there are charts out there called “Body Condition Charts” that describe the different …

The Gotta Have List for City Condo Dogs

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As the rainy Spring season comes about and we start dealing with muddier, messier, wetter dogs many parents have started asking me what kinds of things they can leave for us and what kinds of things they can do in their condos to make it easier for them to manage their dogs. This got me to thinking about all the things I have seen in my days in dog care that people have in their house/condos to make life with a dog easier in general – NOT just in the Spring (but some of these things can be helpful for weather changes too!).   I have compiled a list of some of the best things I have seen dog owners do to make life easier/better for them and their dog when living in the city and are ESPECIALLY great for busy working professionals. Not all of these things are the …

Let’s Talk About Separation Anxiety

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Separation anxiety is a topic that has been coming up a lot recently around me so I thought I would write a quick blog post about it in case there is anyone out these going through this with their dog and might want to know some ways that they can recognize it / deal with it at home right away. Of course the first thing people will always say is “hire a dog trainer!” and that is usually the best idea because they have the ability to come in, meet your dog, assess the situation and set out a plan/goals for you and your dog to reach to overcome your specific hurdles. Many times, however, there are signs of separation anxiety that go missed, or aren’t noticed until you’re in a situation where you need to leave your dog and cannot because of these issues. OR you may just not …


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Soulmutts Toronto Dog Walking & Dog Boarding
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Soulmutts Toronto Dog Walking & Dog Boarding
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Margo Doughty Green there is a product which basically is pure msg that you can buy at the pet shop that cures a dog of this behavior, works like a charm!
Ionie Watkins I've seen dogs immediately stop eating their own once they transitioned to raw, but they still ate other kibble feeders poop because they smell the artificial flavourings in other dogs stool that makes them want to eat it. I don't think I've ever seen a dog eat a raw fed dogs poop and I work in a daycare also. If every dog ate raw I honestly don't think any dog would ever eat another's poop ever again!
Katie Bunt Amber Rodeck-LeRoy good read, don't know if it'll be any help to you
Beverley McKee Good article.
Jennifer Sommerville Sommer 😂😂
Anne Ng Victoria Ngo
Alejandra Alonso Catalina Vilar
Aleesha Amy Joan Skelton
Soulmutts Toronto Dog Walking & Dog Boarding
Soulmutts Toronto Dog Walking & Dog BoardingMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 3:33pm

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Soulmutts Toronto Dog Daycare





Pick Up & Drop Off Included on Service Route/At Scheduled Times

Minimum of 3 Days/Week on All Pick Up and Drop Off Services

Located next to the Humane Society, just steps from Queen St. in Corktown, our home is a totally modernized and fully customized 3500 sqft. fully detached Victorian dedicated to dogs! Some of its custom features include:

  • ✔ Top of the line rubber flooring that provides excellent grip throughout the house. It is both soft of the paws and allows for us to use a deep steam cleaning system, ensuring proper sanitation and a clean environment for your dog.


  • ✔ Fully custom designed gating system; allowing dogs free run of our home, while ensuring their safety and security.


  • ✔ Depending on the needs of our pack, our home can be converted from one massive play area to 3 personalized play zones; including a comfy chill lounge.


  • ✔ Small dogs that spend the day with us can enjoy their own private play area, or socialize with the whole pack if they are comfortable.


  • ✔ Custom Built Doggy Walk In Closet to keep all your dog’s belongings organized & safe.


  • ✔ 1000+ sqft. of direct access, fully fenced wood chipped outdoor space.



Dogs have free run of our house!!! We use our gating system to allow us to have the dogs move freely through the house, but also keep them secure from things we don’t want them to get to (ie. kitchen stuff, cleaning supplies, dog food storage, laundry, and most importantly, escaping to the outside world). We can close the gates and create separate play areas for larger/smaller dog and higher energy/lower energy dogs or we can open them all up and have a multi room/multi level flowing playroom. We are always conscious of the conditions outdoors so we moderate play accordingly. On VERY hot or VERY cold days we ensure that the dogs are not outside longer than is a safe amount of time, or if it very rainy/muddy/freezing rain we take that into consideration!

Outside or inside, our pack plays all day! We have a consistent daycare pack so they know one another very well and make very close bonds with the other dogs and the pack leaders.

When your dog joins our pack they become a part of our family. We don’t have a revolving door of part time staff, we provide a consistent daily routine involving high energy play & group socialization. If you’re looking for the right place for your dog to spend the day while you’re at work or on the go, your dog will be happier here!


Soulmutts Toronto Dog Daycare




Pick Up & Drop Off Included Within Our Service Area
All Pick Up and Drop Off Services Have a Minimum of 3 Days/Week
Outing Time Includes Transportation as a Dog Walking Standard

Bringing a new dog walker into your life is not just about finding someone to drag your dog around the block or up and down a million elevators. It’s about finding someone who can create a solid routine that involves group socialization, skill building/good behavior reinforcement and who allows your dog to really stretch their legs and run as a part of a pack. Like humans, dogs are social creatures and require off leash, energetic socializing time in order to be well rounded and happy. As the saying goes; a tired dog is a happy dog!
We have been providing high energy pack walks downtown Toronto since 2008. We have a consistent pack of dogs who walk a minimum of 3 days/week. This way we don’t have a completely different pack every day and we are not constantly introducing and reintroducing dogs to one another – that would not allow for a balanced or confident pack. This also allows us to have an efficient and reliable pick up and drop off driving route since we don’t have a fluctuating roster.
We pick your pooch up from your home and bring them to our Private Acre Forest Dog Run for some real high energy off leash play. This land is leased from the city privately so it is not open to the public. It’s a completely natural forest that has been fully fenced in; complete with unloading and loading zones so everything is done behind closed gates.
All the dogs that come into our dog run have gone though our assessment process and have been demmed as being “Pack Safe” (Well Socialized, Non Aggressive and Fully Vaccinated).
We keep our private land clean and free of garbage, food and poop. We have an onsite water station, as well as fun doggy climbers for the dogs to play on and under 🙂 We do not use any personal toys/balls – only communal ones to avoid possession issues and we do not carry/use treats to control our pack on our outings.
We transport our dog pack in our one of a kind, top of the line dog buses. These are the largest, safest vehicles on the road in the city and include: reinforced walls, stainless steel barriers/dividers to create separate riding zones for small/large dogs and reinforce the structure even more, professional grade HVAC systems, led lighting, full temperature control, and the most comprehensive security systems available. The security system includes mobile control, engine start/stop, engine immobilizers, drone GPS tracking and mobile temperature controls. It doesn’t get any better than this!
We only take our dogs to our Private Acre Forest Dog Run, located near Cherry Beach. There are many things we love about our private land but the top five reasons are:

  • We Know Every Dog There

    The only dogs that are permitted in our space have undergone our assessment process and have been deemed as being “Pack Safe”, which means they meet our 3 requirements for service: They are Well Socialized, Non Aggressive and Fully Vaccinated.


  • We Know Every Person There

    We’ve all had bad experiences at a public parks with dog owners/dog walkers who aren’t paying attention to their dogs. At our park our pack leaders are on site to supervise, manage and mediate play. Since it is always the same pack leader picking up your dog they come to know them very well and know how the dogs in the pack are going to react to one another and what their likes/dislikes are!


  • Dogs Can Move at Their Own Pace

    We’ve got dogs of all ages and energy levels with us. They can choose to run around through the forest, follow us around if they prefer human play, hang out in the shade under the trees, sun bathe in the tree clearings, play with toys or not, play in groups or one on one – whatever suits their play style, ability and energy level.


  • It’s a More Natural Environment

    We love the trees and they provide us with a more natural setting, which always ends up being a great help to us. In the winter they provide an excellent wind barrier and in the summer the shade is absolutely invaluable.


  • Dog Toys, Supplies & Cleanliness

    We have everything we need on hand at the dog run; fresh water, dog toys, poo bags, first aid kit, etc. We take pride in the cleanliness of our park and make sure that we are always on the look out for stray poops. We also have fresh wood chips delivered on a regular basis.





Soulmutts Toronto Dog Daycare




When your dog stays with us they will have exclusive access to our decked out Dog Boarding House, as well as our Private Acre Forest Dog Run. We spend our days as a pack, doing both outdoor and indoor activities.

At night dogs are not shuffled into cages/crates and locked up for the night. We are not a ‘lights out, shut down’ type of service. There are separate rooms for small dogs, large dogs and puppies, as well as private bedrooms that are available upon request. There is a live in pack leader and dogs that stay with us experience homestyle evenings. After dinnertime they hang out together, go out for evening play and late night pee/poo before bed. Then they are free to choose where they are comfortable sleeping; whether it is in one of the cushy open crates (no doors on them), cushions, dog beds, couch, raised platform bed, or to make a nest of pillows and blankets.

Located just up the street from the Humane Society, just steps from Queen St. E in the Corktown/Riverside area, our home is a totally modernized 3500 sqft. fully detached Victorian house that we’ve customized and dedicated to our dogs!



    Provides excellent grip throughout the house. It is both soft of the paws and allows us to use a deep steam cleaning system, ensuring proper sanitation and a clean environment for your dog.



    Allowing our dogs free run of the house, while always ensuring their safety and security.



    Depending on the needs of our pack, our home can be converted from one massive play area to 3 personalized play zones; including a comfy chill lounge.



    Small dogs that spend the day with us can enjoy their own private play area, or socialize with the whole pack if they are comfortable.



    Personalized Bedrooms are available for both Small & Large Dogs that are available upon request.



    Massive Custom Built Doggy Walk In Closet to keep all your dog’s belongings & food organized & safe.



    1000+ sqft. of outdoor play area wraps around the back of the house and is attached to a secure double garage so we can safely load and unload the pack for group outings.



Soulmutts Toronto Country Dog Ranch






We’ve taken Toronto dog boarding to the next level and completely out of the city! Our Country Dog Ranch is available seasonally from May 1st to October 31st. We leave every Friday after our regularly scheduled Dog Walks / Dog Daycare and return very late on Sunday nights. It is our most sought after location and we are excited to now offer it to our city dogs as well!!!

The entire property is fully fenced and completely secure but the dogs would never know it with the amount of land they have to run free on. There is ample flat grounds for ball chasing & top speed running, rocks and hills to climb, forest to chase each other through and a fantastic waterline to take a well needed dip on a hot day. Jumping off the end of the dock and getting the dogs to jump in after us is one our favorite things to do up there!

The dogs have indoor sleeping accommodations right in the center of the property. Some of its features include:

  • Fully automated temperature control.

  • Soft Pine Chip substrate.


  • Large comfy bedding for them to curl up on together at night.


  • Direct access to a secured outdoor area for late, late night bathroom needs.


  • Country Dog Ranch shot From the Lake

    We take the dogs down to the jumping dock for daily swims and for those who want to feel the wind on their tails, we do doggy boat rides! The dogs absolutely LOVE going out on the boat. It’s an excitement like no other! We always exercise extreme caution and never go too fast or ride in choppy conditions.

    We are happy to open our doors to dogs who are not regular Dog Walking / Dog Daycare / Dog Sitting clients of ours, however, we must always ensure that we only integrate new dogs who meet our 3 Requirements. A meet & greet must be arranged prior to departure for a full assessment.

    Our Dog Ranch is located just outside of Apsley, Ontario and is in a short distance from a reputable veterinarian clinic, as well as an emergency service animal hospital.

    All supplies for your dogs stay and travel are included in the cost. The only thing you need to pack is food!




    We cannot accept any dog that has not been fully vaccinated to participate in any group activities.


    We cannot accept any unfixed dogs in our pack. We fully support and encourage the spaying & neutering of dogs and cats. Puppies that are still too young to be spayed/neutered are exempt from this rule.


    We cannot accept any dog that displays overtly aggressive or uncontrollable behavior. We absolutely believe that each and every dog can be trained and/or rehabilitated, however these skills require proper training and the pack environment is not suitable for such exercises. The safety of our pack mates always comes first!

    Providing Dog Walking, Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding Services Since 2008

    At Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. we provide flexible services for you and your dog.  We are a close knit pack and strive to maintain our pack balance by slowly introducing new dogs and keeping them on a consistent schedule.  We are a high energy off leash group environment. On our outings and at our Decked Out Dog Daycare/Boarding House we practice free run socialization. We let the dogs be dogs!

    What Makes Us So Different?

    Our Private Acre Forest Dog Run

    The largest private outdoor space in Toronto is available to our pack. All the dogs that accompany us to the park have been pre-screened and deemed to be ‘pack safe’, which means they are well socialized, completely non aggressive and fully vaccinated. The park is not open to the public and is supervised at all times by multiple pack leaders throughout the day.

    Our dog run is fully fenced and has a loading and unloading area that is gated for secure entry/exit to/from the park. It is also a forest environment, which is much more fun than the standard square plot of land that is ‘the public dog park’. They can run through the trees, up and down the hills, in and out of the playhouse, and really get a good full on run/chase going.


    Largest & Safest Dog Transportation in the City

    We do not use our private vehicles to transport our dog pack. Our commercial fleet vans have the largest cargo space available and we have completely customized the interior to provide your dog with the ultimate in comfort and safety.

    The rear cargo area has been transformed into a reinforced crash resistant, fully insulated box. This material is comfortable on the paws and food safe. This makes it possible for us to spray wash and disinfect them completely, creating a much more sanitary environment than seats/cushions/carpets/mats/blankets that hold urine/feces/bacteria/odor. They have also been outfitted with a heavy duty metal mesh barrier to create separate riding sections for large and small dogs. This way all the dogs can ride in comfort and safety, no matter how small they are!

    Most importantly, our vans are completely temperature controlled on a professional level. They are equipped with full HVAC systems, which provided proper circulation, heat and A/C. Standard built in systems just are simply not made to properly heat and cool a vehicle from front to back evenly, especially with a pack of dogs inside!


    Our 3500 sqft Privately Owned Home

    We’ve totally customized this house for the dogs. It has different areas for small and large dogs as well as puppies. They can all play together as one pack or we can accommodate the smaller, older, shyer dogs by giving them their own space while we progressively work towards socialization into the main pack.

    We’ve installed rubber flooring, a custom safety gating system throughout and have 1000 sqft of outdoor space on site with easy access to a private double garage for safe loading and unloading for trips to our private acre dog run. There is locker room to keep your dog’s belonging safe during their stay and a feeding room to ensure that your dog isn’t bothered while he/she is eating breakfast/lunch/dinner.


    We are trained pack leaders offering trustworthy and personal dog care services. Our dog pack is our family. As each new member joins us, they become an integral part of the pack, the family and our lives. We play together, have sleepovers, go on night walks, out of town retreats to the country dog ranch, beach picnics, and much more. It is very important for us to create and nurture these bonds because, after all, this is why we do what we do.

    Bringing a new dog walker or dog sitter into your life is not just about finding someone to drag your dog around the block or up and a million elevators. It’s about finding someone who can create a solid routine that involves group socialization, skill building & good behaviour reinforcement. We are about getting your dog out to really stretch their legs and run as a part of a real dog pack.  As the saying goes; a tired dog is a happy dog!

    We would love to meet with you and your dog to see if we are the perfect pack leaders for you!

    This is my fur baby Elsa!   I have always had a love for dogs. I have had one pretty much my entire life and so has everyone in my family. Elsa is my family and my life would never be the same without her.   I have been in the service industry all my life in one way or another and now I get to combine my 2 passions and work with a dog pack every day, as well as meet all the great parents.   So far I've been having a blast and I am SO looking forward for everything that is to come - and to meet YOU!

    Chris Dorman

    West Side Outing Pack Leader
    I love that I can bring my pup along for the daily pack runs

    Amy Lucas

    East Side Pack Leader
    My friends call me the crazy dog lady!

    Jake Steinman

    Co - Owner & Pack Daddy
    Animals of all kinds have always been something that brings me true joy! I have an awesome parrot who i named... Doggy.

    ✔ Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. is a Registered & Licensed Canadian Corporation.
    ✔ We are a member of Pet Sitters International Association.
    ✔ We are Fully Insured and Bonded with Comprehensive Pet Sitting Insurance through RSA Insurance
    ✔ We have been inspected and fully approved by the SPCA.
    ✔ We have been inspected and approved by the Ontario Ministry of Workplace Health & Safety.
    ✔ We have an extensive background in the Rescue & Rehabilitation of dogs.
    ✔ We have many years of experience in Fostering, Rehab & Re-Homing dogs.
    ✔ We have been successfully operating and growing in Downtown Toronto since 2008.
    ✔ Every dog in our pack has been assessed as being well socialized, non-aggressive and fully vaccinated.
    ✔ We provide the LARGEST & MOST SECURE TRANSPORTATION IN THE CITY hands down. It’s upgraded features include:

  • Commercial / Professional Grade HVAC System
  • Separate riding areas for small and large dogs with reinforced stainless steel partitions (these add further strength to the walls)
  • Drone GPS Tracking (mobile capable)
  • Remote Start & Engine Immobilizer (mobile capable)
  • Rear LED Lighting & Mobile Temperature Monitoring
    ✔ We are Emergency First Response trained.
    ✔ All Pack Leaders at Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. practice good behavior reinforcement and behavior correction. We do not use treats to control our pack.

    ✔ We have been voted as one of BlogTO’s BEST DOG WALKING COMPANIES IN TORONTO.
    ✔ We have been voted as one of the 5 BEST DOG WALKING COMPANIES IN TORONTO on
    ✔ We have appeared in the Globe and Mail as a Featured Toronto Dog Daycare, in the Toronto Sun, CBC News, Global News and Money Sense as a trusted dog care professional, as well as on SNL and the Comedy Network just for fun!
    ✔ Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. has well over 200 client reviews online on Google, Facebook and Yelp. We appreciate all of our amazing feedback and always take the time to address all questions, comments and concerns of clients who have used our services.


    When I (Ally) first started dog walking I used to visit public parks two or three times a day with my pack.  Over time, there were a couple of different issues that I found were becoming a problem.  First of all, most dog walkers are out at the same time so there could be up to 60 dogs in one not-so-big dog park at once. Secondly, not all of those dogs were well behaved/socialized/fixed or being properly supervised by their walker.  I found myself spending more time dealing with other people’s dogs than with my own pack.

    All that changed when two other long time trusted Toronto dog walking companies approached me with the idea of finding a huge private space that we could make our own.  Now we share our Private Acre Forest Dog Run; the largest private outdoor space available to dogs in Toronto.  It is fully fenced in for safety and also has a van-sized triple gate system so there is no dragging 6+ dogs across the street from the truck to the park area on leashes like at the public parks. We drive right in, close the gate behind us and let our dogs straight into the park.

    We have our park wood chipped on a regular basis and a water station for those super hot days of summer.  There is a jungle gym that the smaller dogs like to crawl all over and TONS of room for the big guys to really stretch their legs and get all of that energy out!

    We know every dog that comes into the park because we know every walker that comes in the park; they’re a part of our crew.  We trust each other and know that we would never bring an unsafe, aggressive or unvaccinated dog into the park.  We are also very vigilant about picking up ALL THE POOP that we see 100% of the time.  There is NO garbage in our park and we have lined our fences with burlap/tarps to make sure none blows in from the street.

    We’ve got fantastic tree shade from the rain and the boiling sun, and wind protection from our trees/fences, which provides us with shelter all year round.  You really don’t feel like you’re still in the city when we are playing in our park.  I know for the dogs it feels like a day out in the country.  They know when we are getting near and we can see all their heads start poking up, ears alert, tails start wagging and tongues start flapping about, the barking starts… IT’S PARTY TIME!!!



    Public off leash dog parks are regulated by the set bylaws of the City of Toronto. These state that dog walkers can only have 6 dogs per person. Aside from the fact that this rule is commonly not adhered to, there is no limit to the number of dog walkers and/or dog owners that can be in a public park at one time. This means that around midday, the “rush hour” of dog walking, you can have any number of dog walkers with 6+ dogs each, plus any number of dog owners with their dog(s) in a park at one time. Add to that, there is absolutely no screening process for these dogs whatsoever. Anyone can come in and can bring in a dog that is completely unsuitable for an off leash group play environment, and there is no way to know if any of the dogs are up to date with their vaccinations. It can make for a potentially chaotic, and certainly an unpredictable environment, which are the biggest reasons we started looking for a safer option years ago.
    In our private forest there are multiple pack leaders present at one time, we load and unload within fenced barriers (not leashing our dogs and then running them into the park), we have met and assessed every dog there and they are all on regular schedules so they know one another and know/respond to our pack leaders. This is the only way that we are able to control WHO your dog is coming in contact with and WHAT KIND OF DOGS your dog is playing with. There is simply no way to do either in a public space. Our dogs are supervised 100% of the time.

    Our Private Dog Park






    Soulmutts Dog Walkers service a wide variety of area in the downtown core. Take a look at our map below!

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