This registration form is an all inclusive online client profile and complete service contract.

In order to fill out this form you will need the following items prepared:

  1. Proof of Vaccinations (DHPP and Rabies)
  2. Registering Owner's Identification
  3. Valid Credit Card

If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us at:


PHONE/TEXT   647-225-2559

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Feeding Information
Feeding Amount & Frequency
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Allergies or Food Restrictions
Medical Concerns or Issues
Current Medications and Doses
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Describe Any Past Aggression Issues
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Vaccinations One
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Veterinary Information
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Vet PermissionI (ENTER NAME)(dog owner) hereby give Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. my express permission to transport any of my pets for care to the above-mentioned veterinarian (or to closest open facility if the Primary Vet office is not available or in the case of an emergency). I give permission for the hospital/clinic/doctor to administer any care or medications necessary. I understand that Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. will try to contact me as soon as possible in the event of a medical emergency. If Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. is unable contact me, I give permission to Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. to approve up to $ in emergency veterinary care.
Personal Profile
Please attach a picture of your identification. The identification should match the owner of the dog(s) registered in this profile.
Credit Card Information
*Credit Card
0123 4567 8910 1112 JOHN DOE cardholder name expiration card number 01/23 VALID THRU
985 security code John Doe

Every customer must have a credit card on file. The credit card information on file will not be used for payment purposes unless the customer approves it through their customer payment portal, or the account goes into default due to 30 days of non-payment. When a customer receives an invoice they can choose to pay via Cash, Email Money Transfer or another Credit Card of their choice. Email Money Transfers can be sent to and Credit Card Payments are made directly through the Customer Portal through which the invoices are provided via email. Please refer to the Soulmutts Late Payment/Non Payment policy for full details. A 15¢ test fee will be applied upon submission.


1) The terms of this contact shall apply to all individuals who utilize one or all of the following services with SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD.:

Off Leash Outing

Dog Daycare

Dog Boarding


2) The fees for the above mentioned services are:

Off Leash Outing $25.00/3 Hours

Daycare Monday to Friday $44.00 (4+ Hours)

Daycare Monday to Friday $34.00 (Under 4 Hours)

Daycare Saturday & Sunday $52.00 (4+ Hours)

Daycare Saturday & Sunday $41 (Under 4 Hours)

Boarding $65.00/24 Hours for One Dog  //  $107/24 Hours for 2 Dogs

There are extra fees associated with the following:

Pick Up After 7:00PM  +Fee Will Depend on Duration of Time Past 7:00PM (Closing Time)

Statutory Holidays +$10.00

3) Additional services may be provided upon request. Pricing will be quoted on an individual basis and at the discretion of SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD.

4) Fee structure is subject to change with 2 weeks’ notice.


5) Payment is required 7 days after each invoice is issued. Checks made out to Soulmutts Toronto Ltd., cash, email money transfers and credit card are all acceptable forms of payment. All credit card fees are stated before payment is made and the client must agree to them before payment is made through the payment processing portal. The client understands this contract and takes responsibility for prompt payment and any fees involved with the form of payment.

6) In the event that payment is not received within 7 days of the issued invoice date a late fee of up to 10% may be added. A 10% late fee may then be added on a compounding biweekly basis thereafter starting from the date of issue. After a period of 30 days Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. the account will be considered in default. If there is a credit card on file, the full outstanding balance will be charged to this credit card at this time. After 30 days of non payment Soulmutts reserves the right to transfer the outstanding balance, including all late fees, to the collections agency of their choice.

All fees/costs accrued due to the account transfer to collections are the responsibility of the account holder. In the event on non – payment, all discounts will be voided. Soulmutts retains the right to transfer all outstanding balances to the collections agency of their choice at any time after a period of 30 days has passed. All late fees may be applied retroactively for the full duration of late / non – payment at the time of transfer to collections.


7) SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. is authorized to walk the dog outlined in this contract. The client agrees to the use of humane equipment such as head collars or specialized body harnesses. Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. will not use any inhumane training equipment such as sharp pronged or shock collars in the off leash group play environment since the risk of injury is too high with such training tools.


8) SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. is also authorized to seek any medical attention if deemed absolutely necessary with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expenses. If the owner/emergency contact cannot be reached in the event of an emergency SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. is authorized to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian. The client agrees to reimburse SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. for any expenses incurred attending to this need.

9) In the event of personal emergencies or illness where SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. is unable to perform any scheduled services, SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. will notify the client as promptly as possible.

10) In the case where a dog’s actions result in injury to themselves, Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. cannot be held responsible. This includes, but is not limited to: chewing on/damaging property, jumping on or off or running into standard fixed objects or installments, eating natural substrate off the ground and or ingesting objects (ie. toys, balls) for which they have been given permission to have access to.

11) In the case where a dog’s actions (bite or otherwise) result in the injury of another dog or person, the owner of the offending dog is responsible for all associated costs. A full veterinary invoice for all treatment will be provided for review. If SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. covers the cost of veterinary care, full reimbursement is due upon invoicing. If the owner of the dog that requires medical treatment covers the cost of veterinary care, the owner of the offending dog is required to reimburse them directly. In the event that an official bite/injury report is filed, SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. is required to provide all pertinent customer information to Toronto Animal Services and the OSPCA.

In the case where a dog is injured in a common and/or expected way during every day play, there is no requirement for reimbursement.  By choosing to allow your dog to play in an off leash setting with many other dogs there is an inherent risk of minor injuries like scratches & abrasions, skin irritations, bumps, bruises, etc.

In the case where a dog injures themselves of their own accord during play there is no requirement for reimbursement. Examples of such injuries include but are not limited to:  catching a toe, cracking a nail. pulling a muscle, landing wrong when jumping, smacking tail against a wall, etc.

In the case where a dog is injured purely by accident during play, Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any costs.  When sending your dog to play off leash in a pack of multiple other dogs there is an inherent / expected risk.  Examples of such injuries include but are not limited to:  Scratches/Cuts/Abrasions caused by the claw or tooth of another dog. These types of injuries are commonplace in off leash environments where dogs are permitted to play directly, off leash with one another in a high energy capacity.

Though it doesn't happen all the time, when you send your dog off leash into any environment with multiple other dogs and allow them to play freely in a high energy way, there is always risk of accidental injury. Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. supervises their dogs during play, but cannot physically control every movement that every dog makes, every second of the day when they are running, chasing, playing, wrestling, etc.  Dogs are live animals and accidents do happen.  If this does not sound like the right environment for you or your dog, we recommend choosing on leash, one-on-one care instead.


12) Dogs are supervised at night during the overnight period via Wifi CCTV cameras throughout the building (infrared and motion sensing). Google Nest is used for Smoke and CO2 monitoring. Any damages caused by a dog to the property during the overnight period will be the responsibility of the owner and is subject to charge.

13) The client is responsible for all property damage caused by their dog. Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. will inform the owner of the damage and clearly itemize the costs on the client’s invoice.

14) All dogs will be required to be fully vaccinated. By utilizing services provided by Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. you are stating that your dog has received all of the necessary vaccinations in compliance to the laws governing the location of service.


15) All dogs must be safe and fit for a group environment. By utilizing services provided by Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. you are stating that your dog does not display aggressive behavior, has not ever bitten or caused bodily harm to another dog or person in the past. Socially unfit dogs who display heightened social anxiety, heightened separation anxiety, destructive social anxiety, destructive separation anxiety and/or fear aggression are not fit for a high energy, off leash, group play environment. As we can only assess the specific behaviour that we witness during the mandatory Meet and Greet, this contract serves as a written statement of confirmation by the signer that none of the aforementioned conditions exist.


16) SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time without notice, reason or penalty.

17) If Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. provides any services for an individual and/or their dog, they are automatically subject to all the terms and conditions of this contract upon the commencement of those services.


A minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice is required for all services. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice for all pick up/drop off services will be charged the full rate. If a dog is not home at the time of a scheduled pick up, the client will be charged the full rate.

If the client wishes a total cancellation of all services with SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. these wishes are to be made in writing. Full payment is required before a key/fob return may take place.

Boarding reservations that are booked, where the client does not show up for their reserved spot/duration is considered a "No Show" and will be charged at a rate of 50% of the total boarding reservation.  


Since there is an indoor and outdoor area, Soulmutts Toronto Ltd. does not cancel services due to weather.

However, should the roads become too dangerous to drive on, van pick up and drop off services may be temporarily suspended. Notice will be given as soon as possible should this ever occur.


1) Must be fully vaccinated and show current proof from your veterinarian.

2) Must have a safe and strong collar that does not slip off the dog’s head.

3) Must have identification tags (name, license, contact numbers)

4) If your dog is reactive to unfamiliar people or unfamiliar dogs/animals an appropriate muzzle is required.


A working copy of every client’s house key is required. If a second key or a FOB is required to gain access to the property, it must be provided as well. If a second key or FOB is not provided and SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. is locked out of a property upon arrival, the client will be charged the full rate. All keys are coded and do not have your name or address written on them. Upon termination of services with SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD., no matter what the reason, any and all keys/FOBs will be returned to the client upon the final payment of their account balance.


Reasonable, safe and secure parking is required in order for SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. to be able to service a location. For example: 5 minute parking spaces, visitor parking spaces accessible by the Soulmutts dog shuttles, private loading/moving area for the condo building, etc. If reasonable parking is not available, we cannot service that location. Alternate parking arrangements can be arranged with a client on a case by case basis if a feasible on site solution can be provided.

If a client instructs us to park somewhere where subject to parking infractions, the client will be responsible for reimbursing SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. for all fines/fees incurred.


I do hereby waive and release SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. from any and all liabilities of any nature for the actions of myself, my pet(s) or any other person who accompanies me or holds a key to my home; except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD.

SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. agrees to provide all services in kind, humane, reliable and trustworthy manner. Client agrees to notify SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. of any concerns within 24 hours of their return. In the case of an emergency, inclement weather or a natural disaster, I authorize SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. to use their reasonable judgment for the care and well-being of my pet(s) and/or house.

SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. agrees to supervise the dogs in their care to the standard of reasonable care for off leash, group play. As there are multiple dogs in each group being supervised by the pack leaders there is no possible way for every dog to have the complete attention or supervision of every pack leader at every moment. Pack leaders are responsible for playing with the group, cleaning up after dogs, engaging physically with dogs, taking pictures of dogs as a part of their daily duties and responsibilities. Dogs who will cause injury to themselves and/or other dogs if they are not under constant eyes on supervision are not fit for high energy, off leash, group play. (See Clause 10)

I acknowledge that SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. has the right and duty to report any signs of animal abuse, neglect or mistreatment of any kind that they observe to the appropriate authorities (Including but not limited to the SPCA and Toronto Animal Services).

I understand that SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. can terminate this contract if my pet becomes a threat to the safety of SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. or the community due to aggressive, unpredictable or destructive behavior. SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. is required to report any bite incidents to the authorities.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for medical expenses and damages resulting in injury to any member of SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. or any injury to any other person or animal caused by my pet(s). SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. reserves the right to refuse service to any client at any time for any reason.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for any and all expenses and damages made to the property belonging to, or utilized by SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. as a result of my dog’s actions/behavior. This includes any medical/veterinary expenses incurred by the actions of my dog. This includes, but is not limited to: chewing on/damaging any property of SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD., jumping on or off or running into standard fixed objects or installments, eating natural substrate off the ground and or ingesting objects (ie. toys, balls) for which they have been given permission to have access to.


I attest that all of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. If anything changes from what is listed, I will inform SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. before the next service is scheduled.

This authorized document gives SOULMUTTS TORONTO LTD. authorization to enter the above address as needed to perform the necessary service.

By clicking the box below you are accepting all of the above mentioned Terms and Conditions, understanding and acknowledging the equivalence of a personal signature.

*I Understand and Accept Terms